Web Analytics

Track and Analyse all your customers’ moves

Tracking your website traffic and trying to understand the behavior of your most valued visitors can be a daunting task if you are looking at a visitor data spanning in millions daily. It can become even more challenging if you are working with multiple tracking software across different platforms. To derive accurate and valuable marketing insights from this data can become a challenging and time consuming process unless you can ensure correct and efficient end-to-end tracking mechanism in place.

Our Web Analytics services are aimed at helping you make informed marketing decisions by leveraging data from the most advanced analytic tools available. From setting up basic visitor engagement trackers to providing accurate end-to-end tracking solutions spanning across multiple platforms, our goal is to ensure that every KPI, prospect or sales closure is attributed to the correct marketing channel.

We have worked with leading multinationals and helped them improve their online sales with our advanced Analytics & tracking recommendations.

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