Pay Per Click Advertising

Get Noticed with Paid Search Ads

Pay Per Click Advertising, as the name implies, gives you the the opportunity to display sponsored ads across search engines such as Google & partner websites and you only pay when a user clicks your Ad. Our PPC services are aimed at delivering your message right to your target audience by placing your Ads on top of paid search listings of search engines for relevant queries. We follow a very reactive & mathematical approach that is aimed at maximising your primary KPIs (e.g. Cost per Acquisition or ROI) while adjusting other variables and gradually scaling to a desired monthly budget with optimal throughput.

We believe it is imperative to understand your business at the core to handle every step of a typical campaign setup including the development of Ad creatives and designing of landing pages. Also, our initial keyword research & setup model relies heavily on empirical data from past campaigns spanning across an array of business domains. This approach gives us a systematic advantage over our contemporaries by truncating the domain specific learning curve and allowing us to focus more on campaign optimisation. Whether you need a hand at monthly management, optimizing or overhauling an existing campaign or a start from scratch engagement, we can help.

Given below are the list of popular platforms on which we target your audience -

  • Google Adwords
  • Bing Ads
  • Instagram & Facebook Ads
  • Remarketing

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