About Us

We are all now connected by the Internet, like neurons in a giant brain.
Stephen Hawking

Who We Are

We are a team of passionate designers, engineers and marketers offering end-to-end internet solutions. We have vast collective experience in working with businesses and helping them grow and thrive on the internet. We are committed to helping your brand reach a wider audience on the internet through our cutting edge designs and innovative digital marketing strategies.

What We Do

We get your brand online and right where millions of your potential customers are waiting. We do this by creating beautiful websites and marketing your brand on the internet using various channels and tactics. With over 40% of world population on the internet that’s growing by the second, online is the place to be and that is where we take you.

How We Do It

We start off by understanding your business and its goals thoroughly. Based on this data and armed with experience, we devise a customised online strategy that best aligns with your business goals and objectives. Based on where you are currently positioned in the digital landscape, we help you get better and ahead of the competition, ensuring greater customer reach and improved revenue.

What Makes Us Different?

Innovation. We believe in doing things the unconventional way. We put in hours brain-storming and conceptualizing winning online tactics and strategies for your business. Along with a structured approach we make sure to leave ample room for out-of-the-box thinking and individual creativity. This unique combination ensures success and sustainability.

Our Vision

Our vision is to make the internet the marketplace of the future where businesses and their customers meet to exchange products and services in a stable and secure environment

Our Team

Abhilash Menon

Co-Founder, Head - Business Development & Sales

Abhilash heads the business development & sales initiatives and is responsible for client servicing, managing the development team, project planning, ideation & implementation of new products & services. Abhilash is also an aviation and space geek and can talk about airplanes pretty much all day.

Mrinmayi Sawant

Co-Founder, Head - Social Media & Graphics Design

Mrinmayi heads the social media & design teams, manages company finances, is responsible for new project planning, business development & client servicing. Mrinmayi is also a fashion blogger and an avid gamer with a true love for DOTA.

Pratik Majumdar

Co-Founder, Head - Web Analytics & Search Marketing

Pratik heads the search marketing & analytics team and is responsible for research & development of new products & services and internal training. Pratik has a flair for numbers and can come up with seemingly impossible sounding algorithms to solve day-to-day problems. He can amaze you with his Rubik’s cube solving skills.